Create your own adventure by renting from our fleet of a Kayaks and Stand Up Paddle Boards. Choose a kayak that best fits you: Closed cockpit sea kayaks, opened cockpit recreational kayaks, sit-on-tops, fishing kayaks and closed & opened cockpit doubles. And don't forget our Stand Up paddle Boards!

Check and see what's in our Rental Fleet.

Launch from nearby locations or strap a kayak or Stand Up paddle Board to your car and set off to your own destination. Rental rates include all necessary equipment (kayak, SUP, paddle, pump, PFD, foam blocks & straps for car top).

Drop-offs and Pick-ups are available.

Also, don't forget to look at our recommended Checklist for things to bring.

Reservations are required.

Rental Description Times Single Kayak
or SUP
Double Kayak
1/2 day 9am - 12pm (or) 2pm - 5pm $45 $60
1/2 day + overnight 2pm - 9am (or) 5pm - 12pm $65 $85
1 day 9am - 5pm $60 $80
Overnight + 1 day 5pm - 5pm (or) 9am - 9am $80 $105
2 day 5pm - 5pm $100 $130
3 day 5pm - 5pm $140 $180
4 day 5pm - 5pm $170 $220
5 day 5pm - 5pm $200 $260
Each additional day 5pm - 5pm $20/day $30/day

Drop-off and Pick-ups
  • Less than 10 miles - either to or from your destination - $8 per person (each way)
  • More than 10 miles - either to or from your destination - Additional $0.80/mile applies
  • Group Drop-offs or Pick-ups and/or extra long distances - Ask for rates
  • For all guided tours - No charge!